About us

ELTE Engineering EOOD is a construction company founded in 2006 to provide engineering and construction of energy, industrial, infrastructure, commercial, etc.projects:

  • Energy projects
  • Industrial projects
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Office buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hotels
  • Residential Buildings
  • Sports Facilities, etc.

The ELTE Engineering group includes:

ELTE Engineering EOOD     Stara Zagora / Bulgaria (shareholder, 100%)
ELTE Muhendislik Ltd.     Istanbul / Turkey (shareholder, 100%)
OOO ELTE Engineering     Tula / Russia (shareholder, 100%)
Greentech Elte Solar Ltd.     Istanbul / Turkey (shareholder, 50%)
OAO Tula Industrial Park     Tula / Russia (shareholder, 4%)

    Vision Statement

    To think globally, act locally. To work in accordance with local legislation with the support of highly qualified and set on improvement teams. To deliver high quality projects on time through motivated and qualified personnel. Integrity in our relationship with our clients is of the paramount importance to us.

    Business strategy 

    • Maintaining high quality execution in all our projects.
    • Through our experience in planning and implementation we complete each project on schedule.
    • Constant improvement through training and continuous increase in qualification of our personnel.
    • Flexible and aggressive marketing strategy.
    • Continuous search for strategic partners for the implementation of projects both in Bulgaria and abroad.


    Our key success factors

    • Quality work is of the highest priority and implementation is completed in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 QA/QC (Certification №: Q090415)
    • Environmental and occupational health and safety are underlying principles of our policy. Our company is certified with OHSAS 18001:2007 QA/QC (Certification No: 23122 ) and ISO 14001:2004 QA/QC (Certification No: 23122).
    • Integration of the latest technology for the completion of the works and maintenance of the required data base.


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